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When You Get A Little Lonely
Tell Mama
We Must Have Done Something Right
Cloud of Dust
Go West
Oh Boy!

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When You Get A Little Lonely

By: Maureen McCormick

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Review's For "When You Get A Little Lonely"

Maureen McCormick (aka Marcia Brady) plays New Traditional country music. It actually makes a lot of sense if you're familiar with later episodes of The Brady Bunch, in which Marcia sang with her siblings on variety shows. She was also able to show off her impressive inflections in the episode where she and Florence Henderson dressed up like a couple of hobos and sang together. Although much has changed since those astro-turfed backyard days, McCormick still has a sweet voice that has aged like wine over the last couple of decades. Her country music is catchy and heartwarming (it also manages to shy away from anything Shania or Garth sounding).

Special thanks to Eric, for this review.

Dear Maureen,
Thank you very much for the autographed album "When you Get a Little Lonely". Your singing and vocals are excellent as well as the backup singers (and musicians).

I would also like to thank Phantom Hill Records, the sound quality of the album is excellent. it's like you're hearing it live.

Thanks again Maureen for taking time out to sign the album and have a Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Martin Szekais

Special thanks to Martin, for his letter and review.

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Maureen learned to sing at a very young age

Maureen learned to sing at a very early age of two years. She was always humming and singing little nursery rhymes with great ease and seemed to be enjoying it so much. She loved entertaining her family. close friends and neighbors.. This prompted her father to purchase a four track recorder. This was used to teach Maureen most of the Broadway Musicals and to record her voice. One of these selections helped her win the "Baby Miss San Fernando " title when she was just a little over seven years of age. The selection was "Getting to Know You" from " The King and I" From then on, singing was always a part of her life and her enjoyment.

Written by Irene McCormick


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