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"Marcia Brady & Screech in the same movie?! WOW!"
--Hapril Winchell, KFI 640

"Fans who love the old sitcoms are in for a real treat when they see Jane White is Sick and Twisted! Jane's world revolves around television and when she brings sitcom's into reality her life becomes very funny. This film is definitely a sick and twisted comedy for the TV nut in the house!"  
--Lennon Parker


David Latt Remembers Working With Mo:

I met Maureen on the first day of shooting Jane White. I had been negotiating with her agent for weeks, and talked to Maureen on the phone once, but to be face to face with my childhood TV sweetheart was very intimidating. First of all, she looked the same. Still the beautiful smile, sparkling eyes and warm personality. I could see the girl I grew up with, and yet she is now a mommy!

There is nothing pretentious about Maureen. She talked about shops we both go to in the area, people we knew, and life after the Brady's. My wife and I (my wife plays Jane White), had such a great time with Maureen that we genuinely felt that we made a 'friend' and not just a celebrity contact.

I thought Maureen would be upset about putting a bird on her head, but it was her idea to go even further! She wanted to go crazy, try different things, and really push her character out there. On the set Maureen was a professional, and she even came up with one of the funnier moments, when she kissed Phil LaMarr (MadTV) with his TV wife sitting next to him (Danica McKellar-The Wonder Years). We were on the floor howling with laughter. The day went by too quickly, and my only regret is that Maureen was only on the set for one day. I can't wait to work with her again!

A postscript to the October we had a charity event screening of the film to raise money for the American Cancer Society for Breast Cancer research. Though Maureen couldn't make it, she donated a couple of signed CDs of her music. Because of her wonderful contribution we raised over $10,000.00 that night for a cause that is very important to me.




Jane News:

Jane White Theatrical Screening

The Jane White theatrical screening is January 25, 26th and February 1 & 2 of 2002. The theater's are: Laemmle's Sunset 5 in W. Hollywood (midnight show); and Captain Blood's Village Theater in Orange (9pm and 11pm). David Latt the films writer, director and producer and Kim Little "Jane" from the film will be doing Q & A on both Saturday screenings in Orange.

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