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Guestbook Created

Your guestbook has been created successfully. Your guestbook ID number is 197865. Write down this number and keep it in a safe place. With this number, you will soon be able to recreate your guestbook code if you lose your copy of it. To add a guestbook to your page, simply add the following code to your web page:

<a href="">
view my guestbook</a> |
<a href="">
sign my guestbook</a>
<a href="" target="_blank">get your free guestbook</a>

You must use a text editor to add this code into your web page. For detailed instructions on how to paste HTML code into your page, please look at our pasting help page. Although these instructions were originally written to illustrate adding an access counter to your page, the steps are the same.

After you add your guestbook code to your page, you should configure your guestbook. To configure your guestbook, simply view it then click on the link in your guestbook that says "Configure This Guestbook." The configuration page will allow you to set the title of your guestbook, the URL of your home page, etc. You should save a copy of this page so that you can repaste your guestbook if you ever lose the code. To save this page, most Internet browsers have a file menu with a field that says "Save As..." Choose that to save this page.