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MMFC E-Zine Vol.20 Spring 2003

Welcome to the 20th Official Maureen McCormick Fan E-zine! We have lots of cool things to share with all of you "loyal" Maureen fans. We have a few vintage articles with original pictures and we also have some never before seen pictures and some pictures that haven't been seen in many years to show.

My deepest apologies to you for being so late to release the Maureen e-zines. I've had lots of personal issues to deal with this year and a lot of my time was taken up. I'm back now to help support Maureen's career here on the web! I would like to thank the following pe
ople for there help with this issue. Jane Tomash! She's the bright and talented artists who designed the layout for this issue and thanks to Brian Hungate of for his technical contributions! And my sincere thanks to my sister Lauren! She's been a big help to me with running Maureen's official fan club and with this issue.

Also, for those who took the time out to read this boring letter :) keep an eye out thru the pages of this e-zine for easter eggs! I have some hidden things floating around.

Onward and Upward!

Lennon Parker -
MMFC President

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