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The Fans

A Maureen Look-A-Like!

Hi, my name's Kristin and I've always admired Maureen because everyone
I know calls me Marcia. I just wanted to say that I enjoy your page. I've
attached a few pictures of myself, they're not that great but they're the only ones I have.  Maybe I might be a look-a-like for your page.

Thanks again,



Fans Share there thoughts on Maureen

From: Dan Meeks
Dear Maureen, Your roll as Marcia Brady allowed you to be a positive part of our lives in the 70s. Your talents and inspirations after that time, are what make you the very special individual that you are. Your emphasis on the importance of your family allows you to ba a great roll model for all parents. You have an obvious love for people. That says a lot about your parents and their support. May God Continue To Bless You Always! Dan Meeks

From: Chris Brocius
I love you Marsha (Maureen); my name is Chris and I'm 16 and really love the Brady bunch. I know all the episodes and music. When I come home from school, my therapeutic staff support and I get online and go to all the Brady websites. I am so glad they can help me get online because I can't; I have Down Syndrome, but having the Brady's in my life makes me so happy. You fill my day with joy!! We also love when you got hit by the football and screamed "oh, my nose!!" Chris

From: Patrick Hirang
Hey Maureen, a friend of mines send me a tape of your appearances on "The Dating Game" back in 71'and 73'! Both shows were indeed great, even I'm 32 (now you know how young I am Maureen LOL) I sometimes wish I was a teenager back in the early 70's! However I've followed "The Brady Bunch" since I was only an infant and I still do today! Hey hope you come visit us in Seattle in the future! Wish you well my dear friend! Patrick (aka "The man w/the Sideburns")

From: John Milner
My God! Maureen, I saw you TWICE on "that 70's home" show last night on HGTV & you look like you are in your 20's!!! You are truly America's dream girl, & your hubby is the most luckiest man on earth!!! How we WISH you were on TV / in movies REGULARLY since 1975. Your voice sounds sooooo sweet & there is NO doubt you have broken many bachelor's hearts then & last night, myself included. sniff sniff Best wishes, Maureen. We all can't HELP but love you!!

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