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For a small fee of $6.00, fans may order a 4 1/2" x 5 1/2" with small border, black and white photo AUTHENTICALLY signed and personalized to them or the person receiving the photo, by Maureen. Money orders preferred, but checks are acceptable if bank clearance time is allowed. Please make all money orders and check's payable to Irene McCormick. 1.00 from each order is being donated to Maureen's favorite Charities.

Send payment to the following address:

Fans & Friends of Maureen McCormick
Suite M
22817 Pera Road
Woodland Hills, California 90212

DON'T FORGET to include a stamped, self-addressed 6 x 9 Yellow Manila Envelope for shipping

 Autograph Maureen McCormick CD's and Cassettes

Order your copy of an personalized autographed CD or Cassette for the low price of 10.99 for CD's and 6.99 for cassettes, shipping already included. If you would like to purchase a album contact Lennon at


"When You Get a Little Lonely" was the first time I ever bought anything online, and I'm glad I did! I wanted to hear how Maureen sounded now, and she didn't disappoint me! She sounds even better than she did with the Bunch! All of the songs on there are fantastic! I especially like the songs "Tell Momma Where It Hurts," "Some Somebody," and the duet she does with Wayland Patton, "We Must've Done Something Right," dedicated to her daughter, Natalie. As an oldies rock and roll fan, though, the biggest surprise for me was the remake of Buddy Holly's "Oh, Boy." In my opinion, it's even better than Buddy's, a mixture of country AND rock -&- roll! So, if you were a fan of the episodes where Maureen and the BB sang, and if you want to hear what Maureen McCormick sounds like TODAY, get "When You Get a Little Lonely"! You won't be disappointed, either.

--TJ Radwell
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Maureen McCormick is the best singer! Buy her album When You Get A Little Lonely and see for yourself! She sure has got a voice for country music! Those of you who loved her in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and today BUY THIS ALBUM! I bought it and I enjoy it so much that I listen to it EVERY SINGLE DAY! DON'T MISS OUT!

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