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Thanks for sharing your life and passion with us. You are a
wonderful person. You are the dream I wish I could have forever.
I will never forget you. May you have as much happiness as you
have given me.


I loved your portrayal as Barbara Mandrell. You did a great job in the
movie thanks.

-- Chuck Boothe


I grew up watching Maureen McCormick on the "Brady Bunch" and I
was madly in Love with her. Maureen is breathtaking. I am a 39 year old
male from Salamanca, New York and enjoy whenever I get to see Maureen
on television. I saw her recently on "The Weakest Link" and enjoyed
seeing her and also the rest of the cast from the Brady Bunch. I hope to
get Maureen's autograph soon. She was a special part of my life and
always will be. I want to thank Maureen for giving all of us a part of
her life. You are a true gift to this world and a true star.

Thank You!
Fred Winsor

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