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MMFC Vol.17
March 03, 2001

Fans On MO

I have always been a Brady Bunch fan! I used to watch it all the time as a child and every now and then will catch an episode here or there. I am 24 years old but am just as fond of that show now as I was then. Nobody else could have been Marcia than you....wouldnt have worked as well. The whole cast was like an extended family in my living room and made me laugh. Always good memories!

Good Luck on Your Future Maureen,
Kelly H

If you ever read this, this is Gail. I am your #1 fan (as said in my letters!) You going to be in Oregon anytime soon? I sure hope so! Good luck on your two new movies. You are the best actress in the world, and I sincerely mean it. It's so true. My friends even call me Maureen because I am so much like you! You are the coolist!!! The best!!! The grooviest!!! And you sound really nice, too. Let's face it: Your a oerfect doll ( and I mean that as a compliment!) Well, good luck!

Gail Francis

I have always been nuts about Maureen!!! Maureen, there is no Hollywood babe who outranks you! Believe it or not, my favorite episode is NOT where you get hit with the football, but the one where you tell Greg the dress will match his orange hair!



Maureen's New Autograph Policy

For a small fee of $6.00, fans may order a 4 1/2" x 5 1/2" with small border, black and white photo AUTHENTICALLY signed and personalized to them or the person receiving the photo, by Maureen. Money orders preferred, but checks are acceptible if bank clearance time is allowed. Please make all money orders and check's payable to Irene McCormick. Send payment to the following address:

Maureen McCormick
c/o William Morris Agency, Inc.
151 El Camino Drive
Beverly Hills, California 90212
Attention: Sue Unger

DONT FORGET to include a stamped, self-addressed 6 x 9 Yellow Manila Envelope for shipping.

AUTOGRAPHED CD's & Cassettes

Autograph CD's & Cassettes are currently available in the fan club store for 14.95 for CD's and 7.50 for cassettes shipping already included. Maureen will sign and personalize all CD's and Cassettes to the person receiving the album. To hear clips or read reviews check out our "When You Get A Little Lonely" feature by visiting the link below.

If you would like to write a review for this album please email us at and we'll post your review on the site.

Whats New!

Son Of The Beach Update

Maureen is going to be a guest star in another episode of "Son Of A Beach." Maureen started filming at the beach on Febuary 15. They waited for a good sunny day. Maureen had to be there at 6 a.m. Later in Febuary she filmed a segment of the weekend "Entertainment Tonight" episode as a special correspondent. (Dates for ET & SOB TBA)

Celebrities With Phones

Maureen is featured on the website "Celebrities With Phones" a website full of pictures of diffrent celebrities on the telephone. Maureen is pictured from the tele-movie "A Very Brady Christmas."

Chat with Geri Reischl

Geri will be chatting with Brady fans tonight at 9:30 est. in the Brady World chatroom.

If you cant chat with Geri Reischl tonight you still have one more chance! On March 31st at 9pm Est. in Maureen's Official chatroom Geri will be talking about working with Maureen and working on the Brady Hour show. Maureen's chatroom can be found on her Official site or on the Fan club site.

For more information on Geri visit her page at

Maureen on TV this month

ChannelDayDateTimeShow Description
Every Day
See Brady World

The Brady Bunch
Touched By an Angel -
Clipped Wings
Panic in the Skies
Son of the Beach -
South of Her Border
Moesha -
Isn't She Lovely

Maureen learned to sing at a very early age
By Irene McCormick

Maureen learned to sing at a very early age of two years. She was always humming and singing little nursery rhymes with great ease and seemed to be enjoying it so much. She loved entertaining her family. close friends and neighbors.. This prompted her father to purchase a four track recorder. This was used to teach Maureen most of the Broadway Musicals and to record her voice. One of these selections helped her win the "Baby Miss San Fernando " title when she was just a little over seven years of age. The selection was "Getting to Know You" from " The King and I" From then on, singing was always a part of her life and her enjoyment.

The French Marcia Brady

In Waterbury, Connecticut their is an all grown up, Marcia Brady. Marcia is a high school French teacher. Below is our interview.

How did you get your name? For 23 years my name was Marcia Liberatore. In 1969, I married Robert Brady. Since then, I've been Marcia Brady.

Have you ever met your famous counterpart? Never had the pleasure.

Do people comment about your name? People comment all the time. It never has annoyed me except for 24 years ago when I was in labor and all the nurses came to see Marcia Brady having a baby. Delightful. Many people believe that my last name is the name I was born with, and that I was named after the TV character. I find that flattering since I'm much older than that. Also, the TV character is blond and I'm brunette. The Italian version.

Do you like your name? Yes, and I would never change it. However, I would change my legs with liposuction. At 50 they don't look that great anymore.

Have you ever been teased about your name? All the time. I just laugh.

What do you think of your famous counterpart? No thoughts. I'm indifferent.

Any funny anecdotes? My classes are known as "The Brady Bunch." Recently two of my students won a poetry contest, but we didn't realize it because the announcer referred to our team as "The Bradé Bunch."

Exclusive Pictures

Website Updates

The Official Maureen McCormick Homepage was recently updated.

The I Love Maureen site has a new front page.

From the President

The club is looking for officers. Below are the positions avalible. If you are interested email Lennon Parker at

Vice President-


Staff writter- Looking for 2 at the most. This person will have their own column in future newsletters.

Brady Bunch Expert- Looking for 2-3 at the most. This person will be the person who will answer any Brady questions that come in.

Cartoonist- Looking for someone who can draw toons and wouldn't mind drawling Maureen for our newsletters.

These positions will be open until they are filled. We want the club to grow and we can only grow with your help.

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to read this newsletter. I have lot's of things planed for the next few weeks and I hope you keep checking back to see what has been added and what has been updated. If any of you have any idea's for this newsletter or would like to post anything or would like to send feedback please do not hesitate to write.

Have a great weekend!
Lennon Parker (My Email) (Club's Email)

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